The Resources library will expand as the Framework is implemented and developed. Check here regularly for the latest downloads.

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The library currently includes:

General resources

SCQF Online Interactive Workshop - a new online resource for anyone interested in learning more about the SCQF, SCQF Partnership and the role of Credit Rating Bodies (click on the Framework diagram image) 

NEW! Old versus New:  A guide to National Qualifications in Scotland - this guide shows how current and old qualifications relate to one another in terms of their SCQF level. This table can be used by anybody with a need to understand National Qualifications (normally awarded at school), for example, employers when recruiting (pdf - 586kb)

SCQF Update 20 - the latest edition of SCQF Update for autumn/winter 2013 (pdf - 1.14mb)

A4 Framework Guide - a comprehensive guide to the Framework for learners, learning providers and employers (pdf - 155kb)

A3 Framework Diagram - for anyone with an interest in learning and Scottish qualifications (pdf - 245kb)

A6 Framework Diagram postcard - for anyone with an interest in learning and Scottish qualifications (pdf - 151kb)

The SCQF Explained - a guide to the role of the SCQF in lifelong learning (pdf - 315kb)

Qualifications can cross boundaries leaflet
 - for anyone with an interest in how qualifications compare in the UK and Ireland (pdf - 1.68mb)

Summary of the credit points for qualifications
 - for anyone with an interest in learning (pdf - 24.7kb)

UPDATED! SCQF Brand Guidelines - explains when and how to use the SCQF logo to best effect and includes T&Cs for its use (pdf - 481kb)


SCQF Partnership Strategic Plan 2013-2016 (pdf - 119kb)

SCQF Partnership Operational Plan 2013-2014 (pdf - 147kb)

SCQF Partnership Annual Report 2012-13 (pdf - 2.07mb)

SCQF Partnership Marketing & Communications Strategy 2013-14 (pdf - 148kb)

Scoping Exercise on International Comparisons with China and India - final report with findings of scoping exercise undertaken by SQA on behalf of the SCQF Partnership (pdf - 632kb)

Inspire Scotland report - in 2007, the SCQF Forum requested that the SCQFP provide a report to identify the extent of RPL activity in Scotland. The report provides several recommendations and suggestions for developmental activities to address requirements on both the demand and supply side (pdf - 767kb) 

SVQ Titles & the SCQF - a list of frequently asked questions produced by SQA on SQA Accreditation's SVQ Titling Policy (pdf)

SCQF Scoping Study for Migrant Workers - study exploring the need and preferred delivery mechanisms for a dedicated recognition service for Scotland (pdf - 1.31mb)

Resources for Employers

NEW! How to: Use the SCQF in Recruitment and Staff Selection - This guide aims to support employers in using the SCQF and explains how it can help them understand and describe the skills they need - by enabling them to write effective person specifications, so they can recruit the right team with the right skills for the job.  (pdf - 353.71 kb)

NEW! How to: Use the SCQF for Workforce Development - looks at how it is possible to undertake a skills audit and identify any skills gaps using the SCQF as a tool to support the selection of learning and development interventions, where these are required. (pdf - 390.29kb)

NEW! Employer Levelling Tool and Support Materials -  designed to support the allocation of an SCQF level to a job role and to give an indication of the level of knowledge and skills which a job holder at that level may require. (pdf - 163.32kb)

Employer Leaflet - a short guide to how the Framework can help employers (pdf - 196kb)

Would you credit it?
-  a short guide for employers describing the benefits of having learning programmes credit rated and recognised on the SCQF (pdf - 216kb)

Old versus New - this guide shows how current and old qualifications relate to one another in terms of their SCQF level. This table can be used by anybody with a need to understand National Qualifications (normally awarded at school), for example, employers when recruiting (pdf - 586kb)

Resources for Learners, Parents and Carers

Realising Your Potential - a guide to the SCQF for lifelong learners (16+) (pdf - 234kb)

Achievement Counts - a guide to credits and qualifications for school-age learners (pdf - 127kb)

Credit Where Credit's Due - a guide to credits and qualifications for parents and carers (pdf - 225kb) 

Resources for Credit Rating Bodies (CRBs)

SCQF Credit Transfer Guidance - This guidance is about using credit transfer in the context of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

NEW! Communicating the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF): Advice to University Marketing & Communication Departments - aims to help university marketing teams describe the SCQF to their learners in university prospectuses and on websites (pdf - 191kb)

NEW! Communicating the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF): A Guide for Scottish Colleges - aims to help college marketing teams describe the SCQF to their learners in college prospectuses and on websites (pdf - 194kb)

Database Explained - a guidance document providing information on how CRBs can add/view/edit their qualifications/learning programmes to/on the SCQF Database (pdf - 856kb)

Revised SCQF Level Descriptors (Aug 2012) - A4 version of the Revised Level Descriptors by both level and characteristic (pdf - 394kb)

Revised SCQF Level Descriptors (Aug 12 - WORD version) - useful for anyone needing to copy/paste information from the Revised Level Descriptors (word doc - 1.22mb)

Comparison of SCQF Level Descriptors (2009 version versus 2012 version) - this document will assist CRBs to establish the main differences across the 2 versions of the Level Descriptors  (word doc -87.8kb)

NEW! Guidance on Using the Level 1 Descriptor - information for those credit rating programmes at SCQF Level 1 (pdf - 131kb)

Nomenclature Explained - a guide to naming qualifications and learning programmes for the SCQF (pdf - 1.40mb)

Externality Explained - explains the requirement of externality as set out in Guidelines 19 and 20 in the SCQF Handbook (pdf - 346kb)

SCQF Credit Points Explained - guidance on notional learning hours (pdf - 767Kb)

SCQF Credit Rating Criteria Explained - guidance on learning outcomes, notional learning hours and assessment (pdf - 1.17mb)

Guidelines to Promote and Support the Credit Rating Process in Colleges in Scotland
(pdf - 310kb)

SCQF Handbook: User Guide (with updated Framework Dec 2009) - for credit rating bodies and those developing/delivering qualifications in the workplace  and community. This is a technical document that explains how the Framework can be used to support and develop Scotland's lifelong learning agenda (pdf - 1.69mb)

Interactive SCQF Handbook: User Guide - interactive version of the SCQF Handbook

NEW! Quality Assurance Model (QAM) for SCQF Approved Credit Rating Bodies - application, approval and ongoing quality assurance processes that SCQF Approved CRBs must adhere to (pdf - 268kb)

Overview of Quality Assurance - this short guide provides information on the quality assurance systems used by SCQF Credit Rating Bodies (pdf - 175kb)

Credit Rating and Benchmarking: What's the Difference? - short leaflet which explains the differences between the formal credit rating and informal benchmarking processes (pdf - 147kb)

Evaluation Report - SCQF College Credit Rating Pilot October 2006
- this report evaluates the collective experience of the eight colleges who participated in the pilot project and makes recommendations for further development of credit rating in colleges (pdf - 332kb)

RPL Toolkit - resource containing information and activities to assist learning providers, guidance and CLD staff in the recognition of prior learning of learners (pdf - 1.68mb)

Research Projects

Kerson Report - report with findings on research commissioned 2011/12 to evaluate the progress in embedding the SCQF in the Higher Education, College and Training sectors (pdf - 850kb)

Ashbrook Report - report with findings on research commissioned 2012/13 to evaluate understanding of the SCQF amongst learners/teaching staff (pdf - 1.31 mb)

European Developments

Implementation of the EQF in the UK 2010-2011
- a summary of activities from the European Qualifications Framework National Coordination Points (pdf - 1.84mb)

Qualifications Frameworks of the UK EQF Report (Updated March 2010) - representatives from each of the UK's National Frameworks worked collectively to produce this summary UK report of their EQF referencing projects which was submitted to the European Commission along with the individual country reports in 2009 (pdf - 1.7mb) 

Social Services

Social Services Toolkit
SSSC RPL Resource Pack (pdf - 419kb)
SSSC RPL Profiling Tool (pdf - 207kb)
SSSC RPL Mentor Guidance Pack (pdf - 429kb)
SSSC RPL Links to SVQ3 (pdf - 185kb)

SSSC Evaluation Report of RPL Pilot - July 2008
- this toolkit was developed for those working within the Social Services Sector and is a useful tool when undertaking the process of the recognition of prior learning within the social services sector (pdf - 157kb)


NHS Education Scotland & SCQF - Masterclasses Report - March 2006 - Three regional 'Masterclasses' were hosted in March 2006 for key delegates from NHS Boards to explore the SCQF in more detail and to help inform future project work streams (pdf - 244kb)

SCQF Levels Descriptors Guidance for NHS 2007 - the SCQF provides a national vocabulary for describing learning opportunities so making the relationships between qualifications clearer. It will clarify entry and exit points, help map routes for progression within and across education and training sectors and increase the opportunities for credit transfer. In these ways it will assist learners to plan their progress and minimise duplication of learning (pdf - 1.02mb)

SCQF Valuing Your Learning RPL Guidance Leaflet 2007 - SCQF does provide opportunity for valuing all forms of learning through a process called 'Recognition of Prior Informal Learning' (RPL). This guidance builds upon that contained within the leaflet et entitled "Recognition of Prior Informal Learning (RPL) A Brief Overview for the NHS in Scotland" and has been put together to inform you about RPL so that you, and others whenever appropriate, can value your learning. The guidance will help you understand RPL, its uses and what you could do for RPL (pdf - 1.30mb)

NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) Leaflet 2007 - KSF defines and describes the knowledge and skills which NHS staff (except doctors and dentists) need to apply in their work in order to deliver quality services. It provides a single, consistent, comprehensive and explicit framework on which review and development of all staff is based (pdf - 1.79mb)

SCQF NHS leaflet 2007 - the SCQF has the potential to recognise learning from a range of experiences, therefore it potentially reduces dependency on courses or programmes of learning. However, where such courses and programmes are required, the SCQF accords a meaningful value to the learning achieved (pdf - 5.53mb)

NHS Education for Scotland Conference Report December 2005 - new opportunities: realising the potential of the SCQF and the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) (pdf - 3.27mb)

Community Learning & Development

Visualising qualifications on the SCQF: Adult Literacies - table produced by Education Scotland for practitioners working in Adult Literacies and featured on their website

CLD CPD Portfolio (zipped pdf - 1.65mb)

CLD CPD Blank Forms 
- a resource for Community Learning and Development staff to record learning, experience and achievements (zipped pdf - 947kb)

Worth Doing - October 08 (pdf - 2.49mb)

SCQF Collaborative Projects - RPL Portfolio (Poster) (pdf - 106kb)

CLDMS SCQF Projects - Update on progress (January 2008) (word doc - 58kb)